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New approach to league photos:

League team photos have become tough to plane due to families’ hectic schedules. Multiple kids on multiple teams and sports have become the norm. Here is where I have stepped up and created a process that is much more convenient. There are pros and cons to anything but here I feel the pros far out weigh the cons. My approach has slight variations for each sport but in general come to a scheduled photo session at your preferred time. Example Ice Hockey we schedule based on the leagues practice schedule and take ONLY individual photos in multiple poses (typically 2). We then use one pose to create the team image as shown below. The 2 poses then get edit for a standard color look, then into black and white and sometimes a “tough” darker look. These are then placed on a variety of background using the leagues logo (if provided) as well as home rinks if it is suitable. There are also generic background graphics shown below. This means many options to select from, 2 poses in 3 color variations on 3 different backgrounds is 18 different options per player!!!

If you can’t make that practice time simply come earlier in the evening or later, just make sure to inform the Photographer what team you are on. Yes you can even come on another day that has been scheduled for that league. Please keep in mind, this is for convenience but do try and come for your teams practice it is best for the team too!!

Ordering process: This is done all online what you see is what you get! No forms on photo day, no payments, no line, just your player. You will receive a code for your league to text to a number. Once you text that code you are in our system and will be notified via text when the photos are available. Remember if we do 2 poses into 3 color variations on 3 different backgrounds…. That is 18 options of your child.

Available products include the typical prints (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14), trading cards, mugs, magnets, wallets, and yes high-resolution files that you can crop and print as many times as you like!!! No limits, other than these are for personnel use only.

Dynamic full uniform "action" photos:

We can also do a session for teams using a full white backdrop, full body and uniform. In varying game action poses, dynamic celebrations, a tough look, take a look at any college teams Instagram or twitter accounts…you will get an idea on what can be done with these. This approach is different in the sense there is no sales to parents but will have a session fee with the files being delivered to the team/school representative. The graphic work you see on the social media accounts is not included and would be up to the team to create.

Traditional Approach:

If you prefer we can do the traditional approach with everyone there together in a very short window and a standard team photo. Please keep in mind we can only take photos of who is there in that 10 minute window, my experience doing the composite approach has yielded much better participation.

Jim Pierce
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