Sporting events is another service we provide. If your league or organization is running a tournament why not enhance it with professional action photos. This is an area of youth sports photography that has changed over the years but I also think for the better. Rather than us shooting every game and having view stations and posting online we focus on pre sales from the teams or in many cases work with the organization to come to an agreement of fee for a specific number of games.

  1. A. For teams we work with the host organization in getting the word out weeks prior to the event that we will be there and cover your games for a flat fee. These images are then posted to a gallery that the team has access to download and use the files for personnel use. We only cover the teams that have ordered so these teams are our main focus.
  2. Relative to working with the host organization we can team up and shoot anything from every game of every team, one game per team and all championships or anything in between. This would be billed to the host organization. Typically this is done well in advance and a small portion of the signup fee is set aside for this and it adds to the features of the tourney. Over the years of doing this the comments have been nothing but positive from the parents, coaches and the leagues...