Youth Sports

Our photo days are efficient and we do not need any league representatives to attend once we set the schedule, we take it from there. Photos can be ordered at photo day via an order form, this form can be mailed in and they can be purchased online. The process is unique in the sense that I do not need any forms when the photos are taken, my process allows for the photos to be matched up with the order form via the jersey number. This comes in real handy when I am doing hockey photos ON THE ICE, which is my preferred location. No forms, no order numbers from pre orders, just me and the players. The order forms are passed in at a table in the warm lobby. The process also is QUICK!! A 12 player hockey team on ice all players’ individual and team are completed in no more than 12 minutes, and the older kids even less.

As with the high school and college clients we can schedule a day to cover action photos, opening day parades, special league wide photos or anything you need, we will do what we can to provide you all of your photo needs.

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Remember, I like to PARTNER with leagues and not just be a vender!!!